workout wednesday ...

  they say you are what you eat.  so, what are you?  are you a lean, mean, fighting machine? or are you full of garbage?

  there's no better time than now to start eating healthy.  start small.  it's all about little baby steps forward.  swap out the soda and juice drinks for fruit infused water or sparkling water. throw out the processed foods (chips, crackers, cookies, etc.) and replace them with fruits and vegetables.  eat clean.  eliminate sugar.  it is the devil!  a cold, hard fact.  the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it.  i can personally attest to this.  i stopped buying the chocolate covered pretzels (my weakness!) and eating ice cream every night (i'm not kidding when i say this…i was eating ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate chips every.single.night.) because i realized around 8pm i had to have my "fix."  it became a sugar addiction.  i ended up quitting cold turkey, but that doesn't have to be the case for you.  and yes, i still have some "sweet treats" here and there (hello christmas cookies!), but now i'm aware that after i eat them, i want more.  without fail.

  so when i'm trying to detox from my sugar craving, i stock up on fruit.  i juice.  i "eat" my greens.  i drink water!  speaking of water, have you heard about the waterlogged app ?!  friends of mine shared it with me and with my monthly goal being to drink more water, i checked it out immediately.  it was designed to help chart and remind you how much water you've had and should be drinking.  genius. why did i not think of this?!

if you're looking for a super sweaty fix to kickstart your healthy butt into gear, try this one. the beauty of this workout is it can be done anywhere. no gym necessary! perfect for those snowy days when you're stuck inside! 

Love, Tara

note:  i am not a doctor nor am i able to give/prescribe medical advice. as always, consult with a physician before starting an exercise routine and nutrition plan.

photo credit:  image source: @detoxtips via instagram


  1. I started eating clean about a year and a half ago (as clean as possible at least -- as you said, hello Christmas??!) ... It's the best thing ever! There are so many benefits I could go on and on ... But the best one? Better skin! I used to get a breakout here and there every month or so -- but I noticed eating clean, almost no breakouts! It's incredible. Long story short -- great post, I couldn't agree more with all you said ... And it's a great reminder to all of us who got off track a little during the holidays :) :) :)

    1. Sarah, i couldn't agree more!!!! i've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin! now if that's isn't motivation enough, then what is :)

  2. Thanks! Gym was too crowded this morning to do weights after i did cardio, so took this little routine back to my apt.