friday five ...

after leaving yoga the other day, i felt completely relaxed and at peace.  it had me wondering if there was a sequence i could do in the comfort of my own home and prior to bedtime to help me unwind and de-stress.  turns out there is such thing!  here is a yoga sequence to help drift off for a better night's sleep.  couple the yoga poses with these 20 sleep tips and you'll be sound asleep in no time.  sweet dreams!
speaking of yoga, check out these fun print pants and this pair from hard tail. super cute!

i recently burnt the sleeves of my bathrobe.  i can't believe i'm admitting this for numerous reasons:     
1. yup. i said it. my bathrobe. so not glamourous at all, but it's comfy and it's been sooo cold this past week! 
2. my husband is absolutely going to have words with me regarding how unsafe and dangerous this was. 
3. i've turned into my mother.  we joke because she has a "nice" bathrobe "for company."  say what?! 
anyway, i've been on the hunt for a new one.  i've been eyeing up this one from restoration hardware.  this one looks like it could rival the RH robe, but at a better price point. both look so plush and soft.  this one and this one  are at target and could be a perfect fit since they're both a great price and super 

ahhhhhhhhh…breakfast in bed.  admire the sunrise, maybe read the newspaper, flip through a magazine, lounge around in these pajamas (on sale!), drink coffee... doesn't that just sound heavenly?  reality check.  it's never happening.  at least not anytime soon for me.  with two toddlers who demand constant attention it's hard to find a peaceful moment (unless i sneak off for a solo run or yoga class!).  i'm lucky enough if i can get the coffee brewed before they're up and at 'em. but, in the event it was to happen, i would absolutely love it if one of these sinless protein pancake recipes found their way into my breakfast.  with fresh berries too please!

i am a sucker for sweaters.  i have tons and every season i buy a few more.   i am forever on the quest to find the most amazing, comfy, chunky sweater.  i love pairing it with a tshirt underneath and a pair of leggings and tall boots.  simple, easy, chic outfit done.  i think some of these could qualify: this grey and beige colorblock sweaterthis cable turtleneck sweater, this creamy cardiganthis marled easy sweaterthis cozy open front sweaterthis cowlneck sweater and this cowlneck sweater. but, this cozy boyfriend sweater or this chenille sweatshirt may be my favorites.

once you're done with your snowball fight, shoveling, and building frosty outside in the snow this winter, warm up  with a tasty cup of hot chocolate by the fire. cyd from the sweetest occasion has collected 10 of the best hot chocolate recipes. have a look!  here's also a recipe for a "healthy" hot chocolate.

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Love, Tara


  1. I died laughing when I read about your bathrobe. I would live in mine if I could (actually, sometimes I do on the weekend)... That RH one looks like heaven! I hope you have a great weekend, I'll be whipping up some hot chocolate for sure :) xo

  2. This is definitely the season for hot chocolate! Love it!

  3. Cheers to daydreaming of leisurely mornings of breakfast in bed ...someday ;) Sweaters and hot chocolate make the freezing temps worth while. :) Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. i love chunky sweaters too. I am in the market for a new bathroom. My hubby bought me one for Christmas and it is just not my style. HA! I have worn it some to please him but it's time for me to find a new one and call it my spring robe.

  5. If I had a gas stove, I would burn my bathrobe every single weekend. No judging from me!
    Be sure to stop by my blog today and enter to win a big Stitch Fix giveaway!

    <3 Vicki

  6. oh now I want cocoa...mmmm!
    I set the dish towels on fire repeatedly when I got the gas stove...no judgement here haha =)