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 every year after the holidays, i frequently peruse the sale section of my favorite stores and their outerwear selection.  in my mind, it's the perfect time to buy that coat you've always needed at such a great discount!  i crave a wool camel toggle coat in the absolute worst way ... and every year, i've can't seem to pull the trigger.  i think it's because i have soooo many other coats in the closet, but when i look through them, i clearly gravitate toward one color. black.  i think this year it's time for a change.  especially, after seeing kat from with love from kat style hers. absolute casual perfection.

 and, since i was finally able to get my hand on this much coveted, hard-to-find zara scarf, it's a definite now.  i mean,  i've already dreamt up the absolutely, must-have, my wardrobe will be that much cooler outfits i'd be able to wear if only i had a camel colored coat to go with it.   of course.  completely logical.

if i'm dreaming of and coveting a camel toggle coat, this burberry one is the.one.and.only.  but, realistically speaking, these options are a better fit for my (errrr…. husband's) wallet.  this coat at Lord & Taylor is great in addition to this London Fog one.  both this one and this one are from Macy's.  the  first has a bit darker tone, and the second has some leather detailing on the sleeve and shoulders.  i'm especially loving the fur collar and leather detail on this one. i think it's my favorite!  another one  at Macy's has the fur collar as well!  here's an even budget friendlier option.  i know this llbean doesn't come in a camel option, but it was just too cute!

if you're uncertain of which size you may be, check out this handy guide as how to measure yourself when shopping online.

happy shopping!

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Love, Tara

photo credit:  coat 1 via pinterest // coat 2 // coat 3


  1. I love that coat! you are such a doll! I am commenting to you from the coat link party!

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