friday five ...

'tis the season for detoxing!  after a few too many cookies and glasses of wine, my body has been left feeling sluggish and blah. yuck.  i'm in desperate need of a fresh start and am strongly considering this 3 day cleanse.  a  cleansing sweet green smoothie or this 'green lemonade' recipe is perfect for busy mornings.  simply whip up and drink while on-the-go.  if you've ever wondered the difference between juicing vs smoothies, here's a great infographic that sums it all up.  this shredded kale & brussels sprout green salad via just a taste also looks quick and easy to prepare and would be a great kickstart to healthy eating in the new year!  i also discovered this recipe for green smoothie detox ice pops.  at first look, they seemed like a great idea. until all the snow arrived…suffice to say i'm no longer into the freezing cold ice pop idea, but it could be fun!  most likely though, i'll end up making this detox soup. a much better fit for the weather!

pizza. a friday night staple.  so easy to place an order and either pick up and/or have it delivered. and, now, you can find just about any type of pizza anywhere:  plain, pepperoni, vegetable, organic, vegan, gluten-free.  but, here you find a grain-free pizza made with a winter squash crust.  now, if only i could get my homemade pizzas to look as pretty as this.  

no, it's not swimsuit season.  but, it is swim lesson season in our household.  my littles are both starting swim lessons this upcoming weekend, and all this talk of detoxing comes at a perfect time.  but, what kind of cruel world do i live in where i thought it would be a really great idea to put a bathing suit on in the dead of winter with no tan after all the holiday eating?  pure torture.  needless to say, i've been browsing swimsuits.  nothing fancy because it is only for swim lessons, after all.  this plain, black, slimming suit should do the trick.  here's another plain black option while this colorful red suit would work too.  i do love this bathing suit, but let's be realistic. i'm not spending that much money on a suit to enter a chlorine pool for thirty minute sessions.  alright, alright, if i'm getting a two piece, this one seems like it'll be a perfect fit.  and, i'd definitely wear it in the summer. when i'm good and ready and tan!

good manners never go out of style.   say 'thank you' with these super stylish thank you notes and you'll be right on trend.  and, if you're a bride-to-be, enter to win this adorable Sugar Paper for J.Crew giveaway!  it consists of 13 pieces of social stationary essentials and will certainly help to keep you organized in style.  just lovely!

enough said.  but, in the event you need some monthly motivation (if you recall: i don't do resolutions!), here's a great & totally achievable list!  speaking of, how are those monthly goals coming?!  be sure to share & tell me all about it!

happy weekend!  enjoy the snow!
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Love, Tara

photo credit:  @detoxtips via instagram // wholehearted eats // jcrew // ashley ella design


  1. LOVE that swim suit!!!! I need! That pizza looks yummy too! We are on a juice detox this week :) Happy weekend!

  2. That pizza looks INCREDIBLE! We love making our own pizza thanks to Trader' Joe's! Totally just pinned that 2014 Let's do this graphic from your page too! CHEERS! :)

  3. oh my that pizza! i def need to get that :) found your blog from the link up and i can't wait to read more about you!

  4. I agree with green starts to the day, particularly when traveling a lot. My question with the Ultimate list is do you start at 1 or at 10?

  5. Love the two piece, idea of monthly goals and drinking more water! I def. need to consume MORE water.