happy 2014!

ahhhhhhh…january first.  a time for new year's resolutions.  we all make them. and then, we all break them.  i'm the first to admit that i usually tell myself " this year, i'm going to do more of this and i'm going to do more of that, blah, blah, blah."  and, of course, i become frustrated when it all falls apart.  i've come to the conclusion that it's much more manageable to make monthly goals rather than LONG yearly goals!  it's easily attainable!  i can hold myself accountable for a month.  i mean, what's 30 days.  we can all do that!  365…complete different story.  so rather than beat myself up for the next few months, i don't make resolutions.  i just don't do it.  i'd rather set a goal.  because we can all set goals and accomplish them.  and what better feeling do you get from achieving your goal?!

if i share my goal for the month of january, will you share yours?  let's hold each other accountable to active that goal!  one monthly goal of mine is to drink more water.  i'm sooo sooo sooo bad at it.  in addition to hydrating with more water, i'm hoping to focus on drinking lemon water.  there are numerous health benefits to drinking lemon water.  just look at them all!  or this recipe for sassy water via a sweet simple life.  don't you just want to try a drink with a title like that?  and, i'm pretty certain if i had one of these pretty water bottles, then i'd definitely be inclined to drink more!

so, tell me, what is yours?

Love, Tara

ps…as i sit here putting the final touches on this post, i have a mug of lemon water right next to me :)  day 1 = done!


  1. love! I'm trying to drink more water too...guess I should start adding lemon to it while I'm at it!

  2. Love lemon water, It helps me get through my water bottle faster!