workout wednesday …

//  image via foodista  //
i typically try to resist a pancake stack slathered in butter and drenched in syrup, but sometimes it just.looks.so.good. and calls my name.  but, ever since receiving a protein pancake recipe from a girlfriend a few weeks ago, i've been a bit obsessed with this 'healtheir' version.  they'll keep you fuller for longer since they incorporate protein, and you'll start your day off right by eating breakfast.  here are a few favorite recipes : this recipe for pancakes packs 56 grams of protein and are ready in just ten minutes.   here's a gluten free recipe to try for those who need grain and gluten free foods. my kids would love this vanilla cinnamon version.  these carrot cake protein pancakes would be perfect for Easter brunch.  like waffles?  try these high protein flax waffles.  and for fun… try these 'healthy chocolate oreo cookie pancakes'.  they all sound so yummy!

try them and let me know which recipe you like!  or, have another that's your favorite?  tell me!  i'd love to make them!

Love, Tara

ps… a few of the recipes call for cottage cheese.  i personally choose to use greek yogurt instead.


  1. I will need to look into these protein pancakes! They look so yummy!! :)

  2. i love pancakes....i can't wait until they are deemed the new "superfood"....move over kale...LOL!
    I nominated you for a liebster award. http://www.sweatoutthesmallstuff.com/liebster-award-nomination-5-miles/