friday five …

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prepping for Easter?  this year, let's skip the typical PAAS-dipped eggs, and go all out.  make the above pictured golden marbled Easter eggs.  here's how.  everyone will be dye-ing over them.  here are a few other fun ideas :  love these chalkboard easter eggs,  these gold-leaf easter eggs,  or these glitter dyedglitter bomb eggs.  they may be my favorite! or, simply whip out the crayola washable tempera paint and let the kids go wild.  so fun!  view how-to here.

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hosting an Easter meal this year?  read on to find some decor inspiration!  i love this diy tutorial on how to make a flower box centerpiece out of an old wooden pallet.  and it seems totally functional for other holidays, too!  need more decorating ideas?  here are '41 fashionable ideas to decorate your home for easter' or these '20 clever ideas for stellar spring table decor'.

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this Easter bark actually has me itching to bake.   and by baking, i mean melting chocolate and inserting crushed up candies on it.  it's so simple and easy and only takes five minutes.  sounds absolutely perfect.  and delicious!  my weakness is m&ms so this is a no-brainer for me!  they'll definitely be used in my bark.  and if i happen to have any leftover, i may make these cookies.

i'm so excited that spring has finally decided to arrive and looks as if it's here to stay.  i'm over the heavy sweaters, coats, hats, and boots, and ready to move on to lighter and brighter colored clothing!  here's a roundup of 50 street style trends to try this spring.  head on over to lord and taylor and see if you can score some fun spring wear during their friends and family event!  this free people dress is one of my favorites!  i also love this blank nyc faux leather jacket, these 'spray on' skinny white jeans, and these havianas flip flops.

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speaking of spring, did you catch lindsey pinegar's piece on how-to throw a fairy party?!  she is one of my favorite bloggers, and i love all her cute & crafty ideas in addition to seeing how she dresses her little girls.  adorable.  but, this fairy party takes the cake!  so super cute and so easy!  read more here!!!  this is one i will be doing, for sure!  not sure how much my son will enjoy it, though ;) might have to store this idea for when my daughter gets older.

happy friday!
Love, Tara



  1. That Easter bark looks delicious! I can't wait to try it out!! Love all of the Easter pretties on here today! New follower here!

  2. That flower box centerpiece is amazing and I have to have it!! I need someone to make me it since my guy is not so handy lol and I pretty sure I need to eat some of that Easter bark... Baking.. Totally my area of expertise! Yum! Awesome ideas! Happy Friday!

  3. Those gold and marble eggs look so pretty and dare I say even sophisticated. We don't have kids, but I might make these this year just to put around the house for some pretty spring decor :)

  4. everyone is posting easter stuff, it makes me want to actually do something for easter and eat a lot of chocolate. also, now i want a fairy party.

  5. I've never seen anything like those gold eggs before, those are awesome!!!