workout wednesday …

with summer quickly approaching ( less than 20 days to go!), there's no time like now to get those arms whipped into tank-top ready shape!  one of my favorites and easiest workouts to do is a simple pushup.  they can be done anywhere, require no machinery, and are super effective.  simply drop to the floor and modify to your ability--knees or toes.  try to bust out 100 each day.  break them up into sets of ten, twenty, or twenty five to help get the job done.  interested in incorporating weights?  try this workout and let me know how you do!

10 pushups
24 bicep burners 
( 8 full bicep curls, 8 curls half way up, 8 curls half way down )
15 shoulder press
10 pushups
25 tricep dips
15 back rows
15 lateral raises
10 pushups
25 tricep dips
15 back flies
15 shoulder front raise
10 pushups
10 burpees

choose weight accordingly and complete 2-3 rounds of workout.  have fun!

happy sweating!

Love, Tara

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  1. Doing this today!!!! Thank you beautiful blogger mama!!!!!!!!!