friday five ...

1.   did you see this article on whowhatwear?  hilarious. and so true.  how many are you guilty of?!  i can certainly count a few!
2.   these necklaces. so super cute.  it's your signature!
3.   i'm loving this salad lately.  it is extremely easy to make!  arugula, olive oil, lemon, parmesan cheese.  salt & pepper to taste.  delish.
4.   camo is making a comeback.  or, it never really left.  regardless, these pieces are cute:  this jacket, these zip-pocket jeans, this (on sale with an additional 25% off! shop quick!) or this sweatshirt,  this mixed-print shirt (my favorite!).
5.   looks like i'll be crushing on coral again.  here are a few favorite items.  this shirt (on sale with an additional 25% off! shop quick!), this little girls' dress (can you help me find it?? it's sold out everywhere!! size 2 please), these sneakersthese heels, this infinity scarf.

happy friday!

Love, Tara



  1. I have a camo sweater (very similar to the one you posted!! And from the men's section at Target!), and you absolutely just inspired me to wear it today before I pack it away for spring! xx

  2. Love all of this, especially the salad! Add a bit of avocado and I'm good to go! Happy Weekend!

  3. I am totally guilty of taking some of those same Instagram photos. Whoops! ;)
    That salad sounds so delicious right now! It's making me hungry!
    Happy Friday!

  4. I love coral. I don't think I wear orange well, but coral is a good compromise!