workout wednesday ...

it's that time of year again.  i have signed up for a spring race and training is beginning for me.  i'm not entirely certain as to why i do this to myself.  when i actually think about it, it always comes down to the same reason. motivation.  to stay motivated.  to keep going.  there's nothing quite like signing up for a race/event to kickstart you into gear.
but, sadly, it's just downright awful to train for a race during the winter months.  and, as i said, i can't stand the treadmill.  despise it with a passion.  so, for me, that means i have to get my butt outside. maybe these yaktrax will help when running out in the snow & ice.  anyone ever tried them?  i've been meaning to purchase a pair as i hear great things, but have yet to.

so, i'm officially entered into the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington DC on 4/28.  here's a peek at what my training schedule will look like.  this may be quite ambitious of me, but i think at this point, i can no longer follow the 'novice' plan.  i know i'm starting a few weeks late so i'll have to play catch up at some point.
new to running and/or running your first half marathon this spring?  i like this plan for newbies.  it's easily attainable.  the only change i would consider is adding an additional rest day on sunday so you don't over-train and tire out your legs.

and, that also means i need some new tunes!  here's what i'm loving & listening to lately:

* all of this - the naked & famous
* happy - pharrell williams
* under control (ft Hurts) - calvin harris & alesso
* can't remember to forget you - shakira ft rihanna
* reunion - M83
* punching in a dream - the naked and famous
* collide -jake miller
* red lights - tiesto
* you will leave a mark - a silent film
* silhouettes - avicii
* cheating - john newman
* hold on - colbie caillat

happy sweating!

Love, Tara


  1. thanks, i've been dying for some new music!

    right now I also like 1) bruno mars "young girl" 2) lumineers "big parade" and 3) aloe blacc "the man"

  2. Thanks - I desperately need to download music to my iPod. Been meaning to do it for weeks.

  3. Yes! New songs! I need them. One that's been keeping me going is Somebody Loves You by Betty Who. Cant wait to load these new tunes on my iPod.

    Tara - any tips for winter workouts with a cold? I look forward to my workouts (most days at least) but when I'm feeling sniffly I don't know if breaking a sweat helps or hurts.

    1. i think it depends on how you're feeling...sometimes it's better to rest and let your body recover or others, sweat it out! i like to load up on vitamin C and elderberry syrup when i'm starting to feel something coming on.

  4. Yay! New music! and i pinned the beginner 1/2 marathon training....would be nice!