pumpkin pie #fail

  this thanksgiving, i had it in my head that i was going to bake a pie.  no, not for the actual day!  that would be too much pressure!  i leave all the "real" cooking and baking to my sister.  but, over the weekend, we were having family over so i figured i would attempt my pie then.  i came across this vegan recipe from molly sims (hey, she's a supermodel..it can't be too bad, right?!) and decided to give it a whirl.

and then this happened.

i mentioned i've never baked a pie before, right?  so i had no idea if i was to leave the pre-made (i know, i cheated) crust in the tin-foil pan it came in or not, so i took it out. and it broke. immediately.  i also didn't mention that the crust had to be gluten free, so that didn't help.  i actually attempted to piece it together back in the tin-foil dish, but you can imagine that didn't help matters :)

never fear, i have a sister who's a baker.  i cried to her and she told me to simply crumble the crust with add 3 tablespoons of butter to aid in forming the crumbs.  well, there goes the "vegan-ness" of the pie.  but i was stuck. desperate times call for desperate measures.

i followed her directions.  then, i followed the recipe instructions by mixing all the ingredients for the pumpkin filling together and actually used the tin-foil pan this time!  

and voila!  this picture actually doesn't do the pie justice.  believe it or not, it was delicious!

i also had a good friend make the suggestion of crumbling the crust (again, smart!) into a pan, placing the pumpkin filling on top, and baking as pumpkin bars.  that would have been delish too!

Love, Tara

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