butternut squash & kale quesadilla

  i cannot get enough of kale lately!  i am in love with it!  recently, i had a huge bag leftover and decided to peruse pinterest to see what else i could make besides kale chips.   after a quick kale search, this recipe via  The Pioneer Woman was all over my feed so i decided to give it a try.  it was super easy and did not disappoint. 

first, i cut the butternut squash into smaller chunks and tore the stems off of the kale pieces.

then, i sautéed the squash in olive oil, pepper, and chili powder until it was a deep, golden brown.  once the squash was complete, i put it to the side and sautéed the kale in the same pan.  
note: kale does not cook down as spinach does, so it will only wilt a bit.

i then placed the squash, kale, and shredded cheese (i use veggie shreds cheddar) on a tortilla, placed it in a pan, and added the second tortilla to cook.

after a few minutes on each side, this is the end result.  delish!

Love, Tara

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