workout wednesday

New running sneakers are out for 2013.  Ever step into a running store, and wonder which shoe is right for you?  Look at the wall of shoes, become completely overwhelmed, and then just choose a pair of sneakers based upon their pretty colors?  I cannot lie--been there, done that :)

Luckily, most running stores offer gait analysis and will help to fit you in the right shoe for your foot and according to your stride.  Additionally, most employees are runner themselves so they know the product, and understand the love of running.  Be sure to take advantage of this FREE service.  There's no pressure to have to buy at that immediate moment.  Use the information as a tool for purchasing either then or in the future.

Or, take a peek at flow chart from Runner's World and see if this helps with the decision.

Happy Running!

ps... I know it's not Wednesday, but my kids are sick and both are FINALLY napping!  A moment of peace & quiet!

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